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Welcome to The Making Place!

The Making Place was opened in 2019 to provide people in Bishop's Stortford and surrounding areas with somewhere to craft. We organise workshops so that folk can learn a particular craft, we have lots of equipment and materials for drop-in crafters and we are an open space for people to work on their own projects. Our Thursday evening Knitternatter sessions were very popular, with our yarn experts Olivia Lynes and Claire Nicholson to help those needing advice.

Due to Covid restrictions the workshop is currently closed, but we are open online for handmade gifts and craft kits. Please have a look!



Do you want to craft?

Have you seen hand-lettered signs and want to know how to copy some of the techniques?

Have you always wanted to learn to crochet?

Would you like to improve your sewing knowledge? 


Do your own thing

Open during the week, The Making Place provides a space for working on your own projects, developing your existing knowledge or asking for advice. 

If you’re unsure about your level of understanding or have questions, simply reach out.


A place to buy local

and meet local

If you are a local handmade business or artist you can rent display and selling space at The Making Place.

We are also open to local craft or community groups looking for somewhere to meet. 

Please get in touch to discuss your needs. 

Patterned Fabrics


I have heard that a few times since we opened in October.


But, how can you be bad at something in which you have no competition? How can something you have designed, taken time over and lovingly created be bad? Imperfections make handmade items all the more lovely. If we wanted something perfect, something with very little heart and soul in it, then we would buy (for plenty £££!) from the high street.

So, get on with it. If it doesn't look how you expected, you can ditch it, fix it or love it the way it is!

Featured Clip: Make A Clay Gnome

Due to governmental mandates during this time, the unit is currently closed to on-site crafting.

Our Standard opening hours for drop-ins are:

Monday- 10-14.30




Thursday- Closed to drop ins

Friday- 10-14.30

Saturday- closed to drop ins

Sunday - closed to drop ins

Please get in touch if you'd like to arrange a workshop outside of these times.

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