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For the Love of Scrubs - Help the NHS!

As everyone is in lockdown, businesses are closed and suppliers and manufacturers of PPE (personal protective equipment) are struggling. The NHS and carers haven't got enough scrubs, kit bags or face masks and they are struggling, too.

We all know The Making Place is a sucker for helping a good cause (see our Australian wildlife rescue effort and knitting baby hats!) and I came across a Facebook group called For the Love of Scrubs - Our NHS Needs You. They list hospitals needing equipment, detail coordinators to help local communities and provide patterns for sewing scrubs for nurses, doctors, volunteers and carers.

Off the back of that (and to reduce their workload by coordinating a local group), I set up the Facebook group 'TMP - for the love of scrubs'.

I've saved patterns in the files, people have joined and posted pictures and more patterns and advice on where to get fabric. I even tried making a live sewalong for kit bags, but that didn't go well!

So, if you have a sewing machine, some fabric and are looking for a worthy cause to help, please join. Our NHS needs more than a round of applause every Thursday evening!

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